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Emo Invaders II

2008-09-23 10:37:36 by mattymonster

Is nearing completion with more levels, new bosses and more secrets to unlock! Coming to a portal near you!

Bunny Invaders II

2008-05-29 04:18:36 by mattymonster

Bunny Invaders II has been in production for about four years. I said it would be completed back in 2005, but unfortunately I took a totally different turn for the game. This lead to a lengthy delay and then another complete rescripting from scratch. However I can officially announce that the game should be 90% ready for its release on July 28th 2008! I know a lot of the older users who were looking forward to it when it first hit the alphas back in '05 are gone, however the younger users or the new users might just jump on the Bunny Invaders bandwagon!

Anyway, talk to you all on July the 28th with (hopefully) the release of Bunny Invaders II!


I'm back

2007-09-07 03:44:29 by mattymonster

Hey dudes. Mattymonster is back in the hizzils. I <3 the new layout by Newgrounds. Def not old skool anymore. check it biznatches.